Timber Hill Visit #1

🌸NGS Open Garden to see snowdrops🥀 and crocuses.💐
Timber Hill, Chertsey Road, Chobham, GU24 8JF  


We were welcomed by the owners, Nick & Lavinia Sealy, of Timber Hill, which is a beautifully kept 15 acre park like garden and woodland with stunning views to the North Downs.  The walk was not too strenuous but on seeing a stick we were offered to be taken around by buggy.

The Sealy family have lived at Timber Hill since 1951. The land has changed in this time beyond recognition from a simple small holding to a park with beautiful mature gardens. This has been the result of the huge interest and enthusiasm of the current occupants as well as a longstanding, committed and knowledgeable gardener.  Many years were spent clearing enormous brambles and fallen trees.  Vast areas of Rh Ponticum were chopped down but enough was left to create shelter-belts for younger shrubs and bulbs.  Some 220 camellias have been planted and a few dozen rhododendrons besides, as well as thousands of bulbs.