Our 40th Anniversary & the WI Centenary

2015 was the WI Centenary year and Institutes across the country are holding special events to commemorate it.

At Chavey Down WI, 2015 was also our 40th Anniversary and we decided we would celebrate both these occasions with a cruise along the Thames from Windsor to Maidenhead.

On the 11th April 2015 a large group of WI members gathered on a quay in Windsor. French Brothers’ crew were friendly and warm and we left on the “Windsor Majesty” which now was draped with our banners, flowers & balloons.  As we motored along this beautiful stretch of the river our Skipper gave a commentary identifying everything from historic buildings to celebrity houses.  He was also within chatting distance and found himself quizzed on a variety of topics from the size of other boats in the fleet and how to manoeuvre them though locks and marinas through to the licenses required in order to skipper a passenger boat (this one had him worried!).

For us though, the real highlights of this day were the conversations, memories and laughter shared by members as we enjoyed a glorious cream tea together.