Chavey Down WI Covid 19 Risk Assessment

Event descriptionOutdoor Garden PartyDate of event17th July 2021
Organiser of eventAngela PopeDate of risk assessment11th July 2021
AttendeesOpen to all Chavey Down WI Members 
Notes‘Members’ refers to Members of Chavey Down WI. Members must agree to the control measures detailed below when booking onto the event in order to protect themselves, other Members and the reputation of Chavey Down WI.  If the event organiser, a member of the venue staff or anyone else has to remind Members of the control measures below then Members MUST heed the advice given. The risk assessment will be emailed to those online along with the invitation to the event.  Anyone not online who wishes to attend the event will be informed of the risk assessment contents verbally in advance by whoever invites them. The risk assessment covers an outside event – Members should be prepared for inclement weather if they wish to attend as transfer inside as a WI isn’t an option currently. Anyone becoming unwell or testing positive after the event for Covid MUST inform the organiser OR a member of the Committee.  That person MUST inform everyone who has attended the event and request they isolate according to Govt advice.
What are the hazards?Who could be harmed and how?Control measures to control the risk
Transmission of COVID 19 virus during a WI EventWI Members becoming infected with COVID 19 from close contact with an infected individual who is asymptomatic or who has symptoms consistent with COVID 19 infection.   WI Members becoming infected with COVID 19 from contact with a surface that an infected person has touchedThe principle is to maintain 2m social distance from other individuals and to maintain good hand hygiene by either 20s washing with soap and running water or, where hand washing facilities are not available, to use a hand sanitiser of at least 60% alcohol.  
◈ Members must book with the organiser in advance and give their contact details in case track and trace is required.  No more than 30 Members can attend the event – this includes the host.
◈Members MUST NOT attend if they have symptoms consistent with COVID 19 or are self-isolating due to close contact with an infected individual OR have returned from a country requiring self-isolation on return to the UK (list of countries according to UK Govt website).  In addition, Members should not attend the event if they are feeling unwell.
◈Members are advised to travel to the event by car with windows open to maintain good ventilation.  Alternatively face coverings should be worn.  Afterwards, touch-points should be cleaned with a disinfectant (alcohol wipes or chlorine based cleaner).  Safety during travel to the event is the responsibility of the Members.  However, Members are requested not to put other Members at risk in order to travel to the event.
◈All seating must be placed to ensure that Members are no less than 2m apart.  Members must not move or swap seats.
◈Care should be taken when accessing communal provision eg tables with food on them.  2m social distancing must be maintained.  Teas and coffees may be served by the host / committee to seated Members to help with potential crowding around tables.Hand sanitiser of at least 60% alcohol will be provided by the venue and Members will be asked to provide their own.
◈Hand sanitiser to be used before and after touching communal items prior to activities e.g. croquet / boules
◈Members MUST bring face coverings for use inside the building e.g. to use the toilet facilities.  Hands must be sanitised before donning and after removing face coverings.
◉Members are asked to bring along a plate of food for placing on a table Drinks, cutlery and plates will be provided by the host
◈Members must enter the garden via the side gate.